Adobe MAX 2010 Los AngelesOnce again, Adobe is bringing its’ biggest event of the year, the annual Adobe MAX conference, to downtown Los Angeles at the Conventino Center. For almost an entire week, the greatest minds in the creative and technical worlds will converge to learn and share their knowledge of anything and everything in Adobe related products to the masses.  And you, the LAdobe members will get to benefit! You’ll see some of the best speakers, teachers and presenters showcase the latest Adobe products and how to integrate the new features of Creative Suite 5 into your design and website programming toolbox. Not to mention the nighttime Birds of a Feather sessions and the amazing party like last year at Nokia Pleza at LA Live. It promises to be one amazing event and we hope you can join us at LAdobe while you’re there. Passes start at $200 for the 3 day Exhibit Floor passes, to one day passes and of course, the entire she-bang. Group discounts are also available.

When you do sign up, we hope you’ll show LAdobe some love as during the signup process on Page 2, they will ask for the User Group you support. Suggest LAdobe as the group and Adam Bell as your Group Leader. Why is this important? Because Adobe wants to see representation of active User Group Communities in each city and this will prove LA has a viable community and that they’ll renew their lease with the Los Angeles Convention Center and MAX will return on a regular basis. Who needs Vegas or San Francisco when we can have the event here and Adobe can  bring more business to a city and region that desperately needs it. A little extra typing will make a big difference.

And if you’ve already signed for MAX and feel like it’s now to late to share that love, don’t worry. You still can! Just go to your MAX profile and update your information to include LAdobe as your Useer Group. Then resave your profile. Simple as that.

We look forward once again to meet and greet the best in the Adobe stratosphere at MAX in late October. And keep checking out our site for update on MiniMAX X on October 27th. It’s LAdobe’s way of giving back to the local Adobe community.