Blackberry PlaybookAs many of you know, Adobe and Research in Motion (RIM) are collaborating together to produce what should be incredible applications for the upcoming BlackBerry Playbook, to be released in the first quarter of 2011. This campaign is so aggressive that anyone who develops an AIR-based Blackberry App that is accepted into AppWorld receive a free Playbook (once it is released) as a special reward.

But now Adobe wants to take this one step further. In order to sweeten the pot, Adobe is offering a special series of prizes for the Adobe User Group who gets the most apps accepted into AppWorld between now and February 1. Here’s how it works:

1) ALL user groups who have at least one app submitted get an extra software raffle in 2011. This means we can raffle off another copy of Creative Suite 5 to our members!
2) TEN individual user group members drawn at random from all entries get a copy of Flash Builder 4 Premium.
3) THREE Grand Prize winning user groups get a new mobile device to raffle off at an upcoming user group meeting.

In order to enter the promotion, you need to have submitted an AIR app to Blackberry’s App World and you need to fill out the following form here. Any member of any Adobe User Group can enter. Multiple entries from one user group increase your chances to win.

Needless to say, LAdobe wants to get involved so at the very least we can give away CS5 three times in 2011! Help us out by creating killer BlackBerry apps, fill out this form and then let us at LAdobe know about it and we’ll promote it on our site and preview the app at a future meeting in 2011. Get your thinking caps on and help the LAdobe community win!