In a major surprise, Apple has decided after its’ original ban on creating iPhone Applications in Flash, that they will reverse the ban on using third party programs to create iPhone and iPad applications. This is a major victory for Adobe as well as for similar software programs such as Appcelerator’s Titanium and Unity 3D who were shut out this past spring, just as Adobe was about to release Creative Suite 5 to the masses, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’ mentioned that Adobe Flash was ‘buggy’ and “Adobe is lazy” and “The world is moving to HTML5.” However, with AIR for Android development already commencing with a number of Flash and ActionScript 3-based Droid apps and sales of Droid OS phones rising and passing iPhone’s in overall sales, Apple it seems, has given in to demand and allowed developers to now start creating iPhone and iPad applications in Flash CS5.

The ability to create iPhone apps in Flash CS5 has always been included in the program. This means developers can start creating Flash-based iPhone apps right now with no need to wait for Adobe to make a software upgrade. It should be noted though that even though Apple has lifted the Flash ban, there is still no guarantee that any potential iPhone or iPad application will be accepted by Apple to be placed for sale in its’ iTunes Store.

There are some serious issues with Apple’s statement this morning. Most importantly the fact that while Flash can now be used to create iPhone apps, it does not allow for Flash-based iPhone apps that download code. This would still create issues and dilemmas in creating dynamic Flash based content. As this story continues to develop, we at LAdobe will continue to follow and report on this saga as it unfolds over the course of the next days and weeks.

More on this will be discussed at LAdobe’s September 23rd meeting at Border Stylo in Hollywood. Which focuses on the future of web design.
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