Business Best Practices for Creative Independents

2017 Edition

July 27 •  6:30pm
Capital One Cafe • Westwood / West Los Angeles


One year ago, LAdobe presented its first ever business night at the Westwood / West Los Angeles branch of CapitalOne Cafe. It was a unique evening for creative pros in the design field. The event drew well and inspired many in the creative business to improve on the ways that they attract business.

One year later, and things have changed. Many top creative pros in the area are struggling. Some are going months without work. Others are getting work, but at reduced rates or worse yet, not getting paid at all. Some have resorted to taking part-time or full-time jobs and some have even gone to taking jobs with ride-sharing sites

This is why we’re back with out 2017 edition of LAdobe’s Business Night. Now more than ever, you need an edge in sustaining your business and gaining that great new project.

For this evening, we’ll be hearing stories from some of our best members, we’ll also be receiving employment advice from a top LA recruiter. We’ll also have a Certified Public Accountant who will discuss best practices in running your independent business. What type of business should you run? What taxes are you ignoring? How can you stay profitable?

We’ll have beverages courtesy of CapitolOne Cafe and prizes from Photoshop Cafe. Make sure you join LAdobe for this special evening on Thursday, July 27th!

PLEASE NOTE: Parking is not available in the Penske building. Metered parking is available throughout the area.