Join LAdobe on Thursday night, December 10 at 7pm at Dots Cowork at 113 North San Vicente Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Street Parking is available in the area and many meters near the venue expire at 6pm. Others expire at 8pm. Please be careful to not park in permit parking areas.

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Affinity DesignerFor our final meeting of 2015, we’ll start to take a look at an inexpensive alternative to popular programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and even the dearly departed, Fireworks. Affinity Designer and Photo have received major awards for their innovative software, and this European software company gives designers exactly what they need for the highest quality artwork, photos and designs—accurate, high quality tools in fast, innovative, reliable apps with flair.

The amazing thing with these titles is they’re only $49 per app! And you only pay once, not every month. And updates are always free! Pay once and never pay again!

Affinity Designer is an incredibly accurate vector illustrator that feels fast and at home in the hands of creative professionals. It intuitively combines rock solid and crisp vector art with flexible layer management and an impressive range of high quality raster tools for finishing. With accuracy, quality and speed at the heart of every single design task, and the ability to finesse designs without switching apps, this fresh-faced multi-discipline illustrator lets creatives shine.

For Mac photographers and bitmap artists, Affinity Photo offers high end photo editing to take images beyond professional adjustment and correction. With instant redraw from its live tools and effects, Affinity Photo presents a refreshingly fluid editing experience, the highest quality retouch tools, deep and accurate color, and great compatibility. Jaw-dropping quality and speed optimizations for all Core 2 Duo and upwards Macs allow more people than ever to enjoy the benefits of this highly accurate photo tool.

Due in 2016, you’ll also be able to create precise layouts and a versatile range of professional publications with Affinity Publisher, even evolve designs that originated in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. Accurate typography, artwork, placement and color will shine out from every layout, every page, every magazine, book, and digital publication, every logo and brochure.

Our fearless leaders, Adam and Michele, are never afraid to try new software out and give it a test drive, and they’ll be showing off some of their work and what they think of these new tools. Are these Creative Cloud killers? We’ll find out. We’ll also present a video from the team at Affinity designed just for us and they’ll take your questions if you submit them to us in advance.

Well have food and drinks courtesy of InMotion Hosting. We’ll also have prizes from Photoshop Cafe and Affinity. We hope to see you at Dots Cowork for our final event of the year on December 10!

This is a free event, to RSVP click here –>