Affinity Photo for Desktop and iPad Pro

The Photoshop Killer?

September 28 •  6:30pm
InMotion Hosting • Playa Vista


Two years ago, we presented a peek inside an affordable pair of graphics tools for the Mac. Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. The programs, priced at $49 each, with no more additional expenses after the initial purchase, has been attracting the attention of graphic design professionals since.

After that presentation, Affinity released Designer and Photo for Windows devices and earlier this year, they released an amazing version for the iPad Pro tablets, taking full advantage of Apple Pencil.

Two years later, Affiinty is back and Affinity’s Ash Hewson will join us live from Eurupe to show how you can now achieve professional photo editing on iPad using Affinity Photo. They’ll run through a few use cases….such as RAW editing, HDR, Panorama, etc. They’ll also showcase how to create full multi-layered compositions just using your iPad Pro as well.

Don’t have an iPad Pro or Pencil? Mayhe you’re just waiting to get one for the holidays. Either way, we’ll have an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil live at InMotion Hosting with Affinity Photo installed. That way, you can get a feel fow how amazing this tool can assist in improving your design skills and get that next job.

We’ll have pizza courtesy of InMotion Hosting, snacks courtesy of RiseBar and drinks courtesy of Neuro. We’ll also have prizes from Photoshop Cafe as well. Make sure you join us for our final education event of 2017 in Playa Vista on December 14!