Join LAdobe on Thursday night, February 23rd at 7pm at our newest venue, the Mary Pickford Studio at 8885 Venice Blvd., Suite 203 in Culver City. Parking is available on their lot which will fit approximately 30 vehicles. There is also parking on the street for free after 6pm.

To start our evening off, LAdobe’s own Adam Bell of dataTV, will continue his focus on the new interactive features regarding InDesign with ePublishing and the Digital Publishing Suite. How are magazines from Wired to Vanity Fair moving from the print space to the iPad? In this session, Adam will continue where he left off from January’s presentation and actually show how to get the Folio Builder and why you need i. Then he’ll create a live working version of an interactive DPS app created.directly from InDesign! No Flash, Dreamweaver, Edge or any interactive tool will be used. Just InDesign only.

Gary Coyne of California State University LAThe second portion of the evening will come from California State University, LA instructor Gary Coyne. Now normally, Gary’s job at CSULA is that of ‘Scientific Glassblower’ in their Chemistry dept. What does that have to do with Adobe? Well, he’s also a Photoshop expert. In particular of the usage of High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging in Photoshop. In Gary’s session you’ll see why HDR is so important in Photoshop, how to take HDR photos, how to use Adobe Bridge for full HDR benefit, how to process in Photomatix into 32 bit images and then tone map the image into a 16 or 8 bit image, what’s taking place during tone mapping to the image (so the user has better control on what’s happening), followed by post-processing in Photoshop. This promises to be one of the most unique and informative presentations we have ever presented in Photoshop featuring a tool most Photoshop users never think about…but should.

Well have prizes from our various sponsors and another prize pack from NewEgg. Remember, our next meeting will be in Culver City so make sure you make a note of it and we’ll see you on February 23!