This week, over 1100 designers and developers are converging onto Toronto for the annual FITC (formerly Flash in the Can) conference. A few years, we had our own version of FITC with FITC Hollywood. That’s not coming back any time soon but in its’ place is the new FITC San Francisco. Where better to hold this event than right near Adobe’s doorstep?

Speakers so far confirmed for this event include Yugo Nakamura, Robert Hodgin, Mario Klingemann, Erik Natzke, Brendan Dawes, R Blank, Jer Thorp, Theo Watson, Ralph Hauwert, Kyle Cooper, Jared Ficklin, Eskil Steenberg, Scott Hansen, Eugene Zatepyakin, Keith Peters, Stacey Mulcahy, Brandon Hall, Didier Brun, Grant Skinner, Joa Ebert, André Michelle, Seb Lee-Delisle, Joel Hooks, Daniel Schutzsmith, Scott Dadich and Scott Janousek.

The event takes place on August 17-19th and LAdobe will be there and if you want to go, LAdobe is offering a $100 discount to the event by going to their site and using promo code ‘laadug’