Digital Photography Workshop

Part Two

Janaury 28th, 2016 • 7pm


For our first session of 2016, we’ll chat about the popular compositing effect known as High Dynamic Range, or HDR photography. I’ll talk about HDR in smartphones, cameras with HDR modes, and performing HDR in post using an SLR and photo editing software. We’ll cover how to take a good HDR, how to take a bad HDR photo, and what software you can use to get the effect.

Our presenter for the evening is Dave Johnson. Dave is the Editorial Director of TechWalla, a division of Demand Media and a long-time contributor to publications like PC World, MacWorld, and CBS MoneyWatch. He is a former contributing editor of Digital Camera Magazine and was editor-in-chief of Mobility Magazine. He’s the author of 3 dozen books, including How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera.

We’ll have food courtesy of InMotion Hosting, beverages from Rocky’s Ginger Brew and prizes from Photoshop Cafe and Focal Press.