Join LAdobe on Thursday night, June 22nd at 7pm at the offices of Boxador located at 8252 1/2 Santa Monica Boulevard, Unit A in West Hollywood. Their offices are located behind the Eat Well Cafe and parking is available on the street on Harper south of Santa Monica, on La Jolla south of Romain and a parking lot on La Jolla south of Santa Monica. Remember, all LAdobe events and meetings are always free to attend with no RSVP required.

We’ll be using Boxador’s offices for this month’s meeting only for our fans in the WeHo area and beyond. We plan to return to Santa Monica for our August 26 meeting.

For our July meeting we’re bringing back another Flash Animation night once again with animator Ed Olson of Design Loft Studio. Ed will be showing how to do low-cost, low-budget animation for the web. With webisodes becoming more in vogue and budgets being slashed with the economy and all, many producers are looking for a low-cost way to create animated pieces and this is what has always been Flash’s strong suit.

In addition,  our own Adam Bell of dataTV will showcase the 3D Transform and Rotation tools. What are the differences between them? How do you use them and how can you put them to your advantage? Adam will show off an animation that prior to these tools arriving in CS4, would’ve taken hours and a lot of tricky animated techniques but now just takes minutes. Learn how to enter Flash’s 3D zone on this night!

We’ll have lots of beverages from Function as well as prizes from a variety of our book sponsors. There’s limited space for this meeting so make sure you arrive early!