Join LAdobe and the LA Illustrator Group on Thursday night, July 23 at 7pm at General Assembly on 1520 2nd Street in Santa Monica. Admission to the event is totally free and parking will be available at meters as well as various parking lots and garages in Santa Monica.

This is a free event, to RSVP click here –>

Tom GreenThis is a special event featuring one of our favorite presenters ever, anywhere. Tom Green is a Professor of Interactive Media in the School of Media Studies at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto. He has written 12 previous books on media and web technologies, and many articles for numerous magazines and web sites, including, Layers Magazine, video2brain, and Finally, he has spoken at numerous international industry conferences including FITC, Web Design, Digital Design World, and Adobe MAX.

As an educator, Tom has delivered expert lectures and seminars dealing with a variety of digital media technogies and trends at a number of major universities throughout China such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and Shenzhen Polytechnic in Shenzhen. Tom was also instrumental in the establishment of the Adobe Education Leaders program whose sole aim is to bring the leading K–12 and postsecondary educators from around the world together in a collaborative and networking environment to share their best practices with each other. As well, Tom has contributed over 200 tutorials and lessons to the Adobe Education Exchange——which is a web resource, open to educators for the sharing of knowledge around teaching digital media. Tom also participates in a regular series of online seminars designed to keep educators current with changing digital media technologies.

Tom’s presentation focus on many of the major facets of Adobe Creative Cloud. Let Tom explain it to you:

Exploring the space between here and there.

Imagine me holding a ball. What I am going to do is to drop the ball. What I need you to do is to imagine me dropping the ball.

What did you see?

I am sure there will be as many answers to that question as there are people reading this. None of us have met which means I can assume there were varying ideas as to how tall I am. I didn’t tell you what type of ball I was using so the ball I dropped could have ranged in size from a golf ball to a basketball.  I didn’t tell you how far the ball would fall which means your vision could have ranged from shoulder-height to the floor to maybe an inch or two above a tabletop. All of these differing visions for a simple ball drop.

This example may be simplistic but it raises an important question: Are we not asking our clients to imagine us dropping a ball when it comes to describing motion in a wireframe?

This is an important question because trying to explain an interactive dynamic process in a static medium leaves us open to misinterpretation. For example , when it comes to mobile, there is always an interaction before there is motion: Touch a button and something moves from here to there. Do we ever carefully consider the space between “here” and “there”?

In this presentation Tom will:

  • Show why we need to start wireframing motion.
  • Show how a Content Reference wireframe is the start of Material Design’s “carefully choreographed” requirement for motion.
  • Make you aware of the fact there is a lot more behind a simple swipe than “a swipe”.
  • Demonstrate where Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Edge Animate fit into the web and app design workflow.
  • Demonstrate four advantages to wireframing motion.

Well have food courtesy of InMotion Hosting, California Monster Salads, Cabo Chips, ProYo Froxen Yogurt and Bertha Mae’s Brownies. Drinks courtesy of Hubert’s Lemonade. Beer and Wine will also be served. We’ll also have prizes from from Photoshop Cafe, Astute Graphics, Focal Press and Apress. We hope to see you in Santa Monica for our first event of the year on July 23rd!

This is a free event, to RSVP click here –>