Business Best Practices for Creative Independents

with Pete Parker of the American Dream University

July 28 •  7:00pm
CapitalOne 360 Cafe • West Los Angeles


Join us for a unique evening for creative pros in the design field. For the first time in the ten year history of the LAdobe User Group, were not teaching you how to design in Photoshop or create a great website or app. Instead, we’re going to focus solely on how creative pros can improve their independent business. If you’re a freelancer, have you set up an actual business license? What are the hurdles? How do you get new business while keeping your current clients happy?

Our own manager, Adam Bell, has a lot of stories to share about this topic. In his twenty years of running his web design and development business, he’s had to learn how to run and obtain business the hard way. He’s picked up clients in some of the strangest ways imaginable. He’ll share those stories with you and he hopes you’ll want to do the same.

Pete Parker runs the American Dream University. He started his professional career at Honeywell as an Systems Engineer & Programmer in the early 80’s. By the late 80’s he had moved into a role as a Sales Engineer. He has designed and implemented software / hardware systems in such places as Reagan Library, Ontario & John Wayne Airports, numerous High Rise’s, and Military installations.

In 1992 he launched his own company, beginning his trek down the Entrepreneurial highway, growing that first startup company into a multi-million dollar business. In 2004 he spun off one of it’s divisions, and sold the main company in 2007.

Pete came out of retirement in 2010 to work for a well known billionaire in an international business coaching company until the owners death in 2012.

Pete has coached and mentored many business owners worldwide, and has shown those owners how to double and triple their sales, organize and streamline their operations, and grow marketshare and profitability.

We’ll have beverages courtesy of CapitolOne 360 Cafe and prizes from Photoshop Cafe. Make sure you join LAdobe for this special evening on Thursday, July 28th!