Email Marketing Design

(or so you thought web design was hard?)

June 28 •  6:30pm


If you’ve ever designed a website for yourself or a client, you know you have to market it. Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are great ways to get the word out, but even after two decades, nothing seems to be a better method than promoting your message via email. However, the ways of designing an email blast have changed very little in 20+ years. Why is this so? What can be done to create great email campaigns with all these limitations?

Our fearless leader, Adam Bell of dataTV has been creating email blasts since the days when text-only emails were the only way to go. He’ll show examples of these limitations and how they look in certain email programs. Namely one that is widely used and is the one program that it holding the evolution of email marketing design back.

He’ll also show off how the various email marketing services are doing to improve this for the designer and how you can create an email template from scratch using one of the most popular email marketing services.

We’ll have food and drink from various sponsors (to be announced), so get ready to improve your email design skills at the newest BlankSpaces on Thursday, June 28th!