Virtual Realities

An Intro to VR for Creatives

March 23 •  6:30pm
General Assembly • Santa Monica


For this event, LAdobe is taking a look inside of the world of Virtual Reality. Long talked about, but only in the past couple of years has its potential begun to be realized. There’s many opportunities in the Creative Tech world for VR designers sands developers and this evening will give you a much needed head start.

For our first talk, we bring longtime interactive developer, Brad Wallace, who will discus the current state of Virtual Reality and describe some of the devices and experiences that are available. He will show some of the tools necessary to create experiences, from 360° images and videos to 3D applications and games using the Unity 3D engine. Some of you may remember from the Adobe Flash (now Animate CC) world.

Brad Wallace has a hard earned degree in dabbling from the Dabologna Institute. He received a degree of far less importance from an astonishingly prominent and expensive school that his parents now regret having paid for. He was a filmmaker for 15 years before quitting in disgust and moving on to dabbling in all things involving the lonesome computer arts. Graphics, photography, web design, virtual reality, effects/animation, apps and dark electronic music are his current freelancements. Check out his portfolio.

For our second talk, we’ll have the Marketing Director for G Audio Lab, Karly Choi. G’Audio Lab is an interactive 3D audio company that develops spatial 3D audio software solutions for creative professionals in the gaming and film industries. Her love of audio related media has pushed her to a career at G’Audio Lab where she uses her marketing skills to promote G’Audio’s binaural rendering technology. She feels that this technology is truly amazing as it provides a level of immersion that hasn’t been experienced before, and her mission is to bring it forth to everyone and anyone that she can.

Audio is extremely important to the overall experience of a Virtual Reality experience. Karly will show off some of the tools that get the studios to take notice.


We will have drinks courtesy of INeuro and prizes from Photoshop Cafe. Make sure to sign up now for our first ever meeting about Virtual Reality at General Assembly on March 23!