UX Design for Mobile Mixed Reality (VR and AR)

with Edward Moore of Amped-UX

September 28 •  6:30pm
Hack Reactor • Playa Vista


There’s rarely a dull moment in the fast-paced world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Despite all the hype-infused ups and downs and headlines in this technology sector, one fact remains clear: mobile VR and AR is where the consumer-facing market is heading, in terms of volume and numbers. In this talk, Los Angeles VR UX Design expert Edward Moore will provide a detailed overview of the mobile mixed reality landscape – who the major players are and what’s on the technological horizon. He’ll also discuss in-depth UX and interaction design techniques and considerations, sharing insights that will help you to take advantage of the tools and create engaging and intuitive mixed reality experiences.

We’ll have pizza courtesy of Shakey’s (and thanks to InMotion Hosting as well), snacks courtesy of RiseBar and Hope’s Cookies and drinks courtesy of WANU Water. We’ll also have prizes from Photoshop Cafe as well. Make sure you kickoff your Thursday night and join LAdobe for our next VR event in Playa Vista on Thursday, September 28th!